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Window film provides a stylish alternative to common window treatments

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Window film can improve the look of your windows, increase comfort levels, help retain privacy, increase safety and help to reduce heating bills

What is Window Film?

Solar Technical Definitions Sheet - CLICK HERE

What is window film and what are the benefits?

Window film is made up of coated polyester layers to form a very thin, highly efficient film that is bonded to glass using a special adhesive.

Window film can provide a stylish alternative to common window treatments and can improve the look of your windows, help retain privacy, increase safety and help to reduce heating bills. The window film can be applied to new or existing glazing and is available in many different shades, colours and thicknesses with varying strengths and properties and is suitable for the following areas:-

  • Vehicles
  • Homes
  • Conservatories
  • Offices
  • Shopfronts
  • Showrooms
  • Schools
  • and more....

Different types of window film are available for multiple purposes such as energy saving, solar heat reduction, UV protection, privacy, safety and security, decorative and heat retention. All window films will exhibit any number of these different properties, to varying degrees, but can generally be categorised using their primary properties.

Energy Saving Window Film

Cut energy bills and save money all year round with Energy Saving Window more

Switchable Smart Window Film

Provide instant privacy/security at the flick of a switch. The switchable film is perfect for multi-functional rooms where privacy is sometimes required and has the added benefit of acting as a projector screen, ideal for displays and more

Printed Window Film

Increase your company's brand awareness or create a more pleasant working environment for your staff with Printed Window Film, a modern commercial branding solution for your business. Use your own designs or stock more

Solar/UV Protection Window Film

Reduce solar heat and glare, reduce fabric and material fading and create a more comfortable working or living more

Decorative/Privacy Window Films

Create a favourable architectural appearance or add privacy to sensitive areas with decorative and privacy window films, suitable for both interior and exterior more

Safety & Security Films

Protect your building and occupants with Safety and Security Film which is designed to bond with glass to prevent breakage in extreme conditions such as extreme weather or storm conditions or damage by intruders. Safety and Security films can also be used in lieu of replacement glass to meet current safety more


Identify glazed areas of your building with manifestations to prevent human impact, an inexpensive safety solution that can also be utilized to provide a commercial branding more

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