Llumar Window Films help protect your family

We can help to protect your family from heat, glare and harmful UV rays

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Energy efficient Llumar Enerlogic window film

Energy efficient Llumar Enerlogic window film will REDUCE the heat escape through your glass and LOWER your energy bills.

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One-Way Vision Privacy Window Film

One-Way Vision Privacy Window Film is the contemporary alternative to net curtains.
Stop people peering in, while you see out.

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New technology window film

New technology window film can save you up to 30% on your energy bills and helps save the planet too.

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UV Blocking Film

Protect your family & your car upholstery from harmful sun's rays with UV Blocking Film.
Look smart too!

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Solar Control Window Film

Thanks to new technology, an application of high performance Solar Control Window Film prevents heat build up simply by reflecting the sun's heat away.

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UV protection films

UV protection films are designed to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays whilst allowing plenty of light through, thus extending the life of your internal soft furnishings and fabrics.

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Why use ADS Window Films?


ADS Window Films are leading, nationwide suppliers and authorised installers of high quality specialty Solar Control, Energy Control, Privacy Screening, Architectural Enhancement, Manifestations, Safety and Security window films. We were established in 1999, when the industry was still in its infancy, and have built a reputation for a reliable and professional service backed up by a solid core of staff. We can provide a wide range of quality window films, backed by manufacturer's warranties, for use in Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Public buildings, together with a selection of Automotive Films for application to company or private vehicles.


ADS have vast experience in working in the Commercial sector whether working directly for a commercial client or under instruction from an Architect or Developer. You can see some examples of our work in the Commercial Window Film Gallery, or a selection of photos from a recently completed development at Windsor House.


ADS also have vast experience in the residential market providing a wide range of window film solutions to satisfied homeowners, over the years. You can view some examples of our residential work here or, alternatively, have a look at some customer testimonials on the testimonials page or at the bottom of this page.


Fixed Premises: ADS has been tinting cars right from the outset with many happy customers who, in some cases, have brought 5 or 6 cars to us. We operate from fixed premises with our name over the door from a convenient, central location, unlike some other less reputable companies that have sprung up over recent years.

Custom Tinting Bay: We also have a purpose built tint bay on the premises. This helps avoid any accidental damage by other works or operatives and keeps dust levels to a minimum. If you are offered a car tint from a mobile fitter, think again, you will not get a quality application as afforded by a purpose made tinting bay.

Computer aided film cutting: We also use the latest computer technology to custom cut the window film specifically to fit your make and model of vehicle which ensures a perfect cut, every time. This process eliminates the danger of accidental damage to glass or paint work, caused by cutting the film to fit directly on your car, a method which may well also be practised by mobile fitters.


All our fitters have vast experience in the window film industry and have received extensive training. They have all been with the company for many years and take great pride in the quality of work they produce, ensuring you can have total confidence in our standards and general quality of workmanship. The ADS Window Films Survey and Fitting team are all registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service, formally known as the CRB (Criminal Record Bureau).


Most reputable tinting companies will offer you a warranty for the tints they apply but how much is that warranty actually worth? We have seen many "here today, gone tomorrow" companies who may offer you the warranty and not be around, in the long-term, to honour it.

ADS Window Films have been operating since 1999 with over 8000 happy customers, so, for added peace of mind, have ADS deal with all your window film requirements, a professional, established company with a warranty you can trust.


ADS are members of a number of industry related organisations to provide a high degree of customer confidence in our range of products and services. Details of this can be found on our accreditation page.
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