Frost: NRM80-PS2 (Mist)
Frosts: NRM55-PS4 (Glacier)
Frosts: NRMB-PS2 (Bronze)
Frosts: NRM-PS2 (Frost)
Frosts: NRMV60F-PS3 (Etched Frost)
Frosts: NRMV80DC-PS3 (Dusted Crystal)
Frosts: RMS-PS2 (Silver)
Patterns: NRM-FB-SR-HPR (Bands)
Patterns: NRM-FIBG-SR-HPR (Fiberglass)
Patterns: NRM-FMD-SR-HPR (Mini Dots)
Patterns: NRM-FRP-SR-HPR (Rice Paper)
Patterns: NRM-FSD-SR-HPR (Small Dots)
Patterns: NRM-FSQ-SR-HPR (Squares)
Patterns: NRM-FS-SR-HPR (Stripes)
Patterns: NRM-FTL-SR-HPR (Thin Lines)
Patterns: NRM-MFSD-SR-HPR (Matte Small Dots)
Patterns: NRM-MFS-SR-HPR (Matte Stripes)
Patterns: NRM-MSQ-SR-HPR (Matte Squares)
Specialties: BLUE-SR-HPR (Blue)
Specialties: GREEN-SR-HPR (Green)
Specialties: NRMM-PS2 (Matte Black)
Specialties: NRMW-PS3 (White)
Specialties: RED-SR-HPR (Red)
Specialties: YELLOW-SR-HPR (Yellow)
Textures: NRMV CG HPR (Crackled Glass)
Textures: NRMV-BC-HPR (Brushed Crystal)
Textures: NRMV-SC-HPR (Satin Crystal)

Decorative Window Film Viewer


Frosted films were created to enhance privacy and improve aesthetics. They are ideal for commercial interior glazing applications such as office partitions to achieve privacy or to meet interior design goals at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.


Patterned films are available in a variety of styles to offer a wide range of aesthetic solutions through varying levels of translucent and opaque whites with a simulated acid-etch appearance. This series also includes a broad range of classic patterns.


Textured films, the latest in the decorative film portfolio, add visual interest to any design. The unique vinyl construction of these films make them ideal candidates for custom cut solutions. Add elegance to your building without the expense of designer glass.


Specialty films provide a rainbow of color options to enhance any building design. Specialty film products are recommended for interior applications. Combine color with patterns to inspire a wide range of custom design solutions.

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