Solar and UV Protection Window Film from ADS Window Films

Solar Technical Definitions Sheet - CLICK HERE

  • Reduce solar heat and glare...

  • Create more comfortable working or living environment...

  • Protection against harmful UV rays...

  • Reduce fabric and material fading...

Solar heat and glare can be a major problem in any internal environment, both commercial or residential, where a large amount of glazing is present, such as windows, glazed screens, glazed shopfronts/curtain walling, conservatories or rooflights. This can make it very uncomfortable for the building's occupants as solar energy enters through the glass as radiated heat, light and glare.

Solar and UV Protection Window Films reject a high percentage of heat and glare whilst still allowing light through and is a great way to control these elements in residential properties or conservatories, offices and shops, showrooms, or on the workshop floor. This helps you to manage a more comfortable working environment for you and your employees, in accordance with current Health and Safety Regulations, leading to increased productivity in the workplace, or to maintain a much more favourable environment should you be relaxing in your own home.

Fatigue, eye-strain, headaches and migraine can all be symptoms of poor solar control. Solar and UV Protection Window Film help to alleviate this problem, also increasing the chances of reduction in absenteeism from employees.

Direct exposure to sunlight is also a major cause of many coloured or painted material/fabrics to fade due to the presence of harmful UV rays in sunlight. UV protection films are designed to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays whilst, again, allowing plenty of light through, thus extending the life of your internal soft furnishings and fabrics that would normally be exposed to sunlight.

Solar and UV Protection Window Film is available in clear, tinted or reflective type films to suit your own preferences and any other functional requirements you may have.

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