Llumar Window Films help protect your family

We can help to protect your family from heat, glare and harmful UV rays

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Energy efficient Llumar Enerlogic window film

Energy efficient Llumar Enerlogic window film will REDUCE the heat escape through your glass and LOWER your energy bills.

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One-Way Vision Privacy Window Film

One-Way Vision Privacy Window Film is the contemporary alternative to net curtains.
Stop people peering in, while you see out.

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New technology window film

New technology window film can save you up to 30% on your energy bills and helps save the planet too.

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UV Blocking Film

Protect your family & your car upholstery from harmful sun's rays with UV Blocking Film.
Look smart too!

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Solar Control Window Film

Thanks to new technology, an application of high performance Solar Control Window Film prevents heat build up simply by reflecting the sun's heat away.

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UV protection films

UV protection films are designed to filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays whilst allowing plenty of light through, thus extending the life of your internal soft furnishings and fabrics.

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ADS Window Films Latest News

ADS Window Films assist South Western NHS Ambulance Service....6th August 2012

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ADS Window Films were commissioned to tint the windows of the South Western NHS Ambulance Service's Mobile Treatment Centre, which provides 'on the spot' medical assistance in times of emergency.

You can clearly see from the photos that, after application of the window film, privacy is maintained from the outside, whilst you can clearly see out of the rear of the ambulance, from the inside.

Hopefully you will never need the assistance of this service but should any late night revellers need medical help, you can rest assured that your blushes will be spared courtesy of ADS Window Films.....saving the world, without ADS it could be curtains for us all.

For more information on this application, vehicle or car tinting, or window tinting in general, please contact Gary or Mark, at ADS Window Films, on 01752 252583

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