Energy Saving Window Film from ADS Window Films

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  • Save on energy bills all year round...

  • Environmentally friendly solution to your energy requirements...

  • 15 years manufacturer-backed warranty...

What is energy saving window film?

Energy Saving Window Film does what traditional window films cannot. In summer, windows let in too much heat, conversely, in winter, they allow too much heat to escape, thus increasing energy bills. A traditional reflective window film is only any good in keeping heat out during the summer months. Energy Saving Window Film, however, has the benefit of not only keeping the heat out, in summer but also keeping heat in, during the winter months, by locking the heat inside. Energy Saving Window Film therefore gives you the perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings, all year round.

Llumar Enerlogic Energy Saving Film Llumar Enerlogic Energy Saving Film

ADS Window Films have been appointed as a LLumar Approved Fitment Centre Adobe PDF Document Logo view certificate and are approved suppliers and installers of Llumar Enerlogic Energy Saving Film. EnerLogic energy saving film is a low-cost, high-return technology which compares well to other favoured energy-saving measures both in terms of cost savings and energy efficiency. Energy saving film is thus a truely 'green' film providing an environmentally friendly solution to your energy requirements.

Llumar EnerLogic Energy Saving Film's innovative low emissivity coating (patent-pending) performs better than all presently available Low-E films. This has the advantage of year-round energy savings with a fast return on investment.

The energy saving film still allows sunlight to enter, but substantially reduces harmful UV rays, uncomfortable heat and glare.

EnerLogic energy saving films can be applied to both residential and commercial buildings and are ideal for use in homes, commercial offices, health care buildings, retail spaces and schools or universities.

So while your family or employees can enjoy a whole new level of comfort, you can enjoy a whole new level of cost savings. And as an added bonus it is aethetically pleasing with high efficiency lighting.

How much more energy can you save with EnerLogic energy saving film over other window films?

There are many other types of window film that can also help you save energy and money. However, EnerLogic's patent-pending coating ensures that maximum energy efficiency in every season is achieved and hence no other window film technology can currently rival its annual savings.

And there's more! EnerLogic energy saving film offers these greater savings with far better clarity and can double the energy and carbon emission savings of darker, more reflective films.(Savings based on a typical large commercial building).

Benefits of EnerLogic Energy Saving Film:

  • Energy Saving Film provides a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings - all year round.
  • Patent-pending coating redirects solar and radiant heat to produce substantial energy savings.
  • Significant improvement to working conditions.
  • The Enerlogic Energy Saving Film is fully compatible with high efficiency lighting.
  • The insulating performance of single and double glazed windows is improved.
  • Can achieve more than 10% cost savings on annual commercial building energy bills.
  • The energy saving film reduces fading of furnishings, fabrics and works of art.
  • Greater return on investment than other energy efficiency measures.
  • 15 years manufacturer-backed warranty.
  • The scratch resistant coating increase longevity and is easy to clean.

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