Decorative/Privacy Window Film from ADS Window Films

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  • Create favourable architectural appearance...

  • Added privacy to sensitive areas...

  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications...

Enhanced Appearance...

Another pleasing aspect of window film application is the ability to create a favourable architectural appearance. The comprehensive range of etched/frosted films and numerous patterned, coloured, opaque, translucent and transparent films, all installed to the highest standards, can all be used to create a stunning visual impact. The extensive range of finish available provides almost unlimited decorative design capabilities.

A variety of different colours and shades are available and are suitable for both interior and exterior window or glazed screen applications. These have the effect of complimenting other elements of your building structure and help create a uniform look, even when an unattractive combination of blinds, draperies and other diverse interior furnishings present an aesthetic problem.

The simple application of tinted, opaque, coloured or reflective films can rejuvenate a property's interior or exterior appearance while the use of graphics can help establish a corporate identity for your building.

In fact the whole range of films available gives you the architectural and decorative flexibility to project any image you so desire.

Added Privacy...

Privacy, on the other hand, can be achieved by the application of several different types of film. Translucent/Opaque Film allows the determination of light and dark movement, but not detail, to the passer by, whereas Daylight Reflective Film allows people to see out but not into your property and for total privacy, Blackout Film can be utilised.

All these film types can assist in providing privacy to sensitive areas such as office partitions or living accommodation, particularly bathrooms etc.

Both the decorative and the privacy range of films are installed by our skilled fitters in a quick and efficient manner with the minimum of disruption.

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