Window Film on Car Showroom

Window tinting is an economical and effective solution to many office, shop-front or showroom scenarios where there are high levels of glazing...

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Window Film on Car Dealership

Window film can help increase comfort levels by reducing excessive heat and glare, increase privacy and safety/security whilst reducing your energy bills, simultaneously...

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Window Film for Business

ADS Window Films supply and install a comprehensive range of world class window films to the commercial sector...

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... and when it comes to commercial film:-

We mean business

With years of experience in the supply and installation of commercial window film, ADS Window Films Ltd. has a track record for helping thousands of commercial customers with their solar related glazing problems. Ranging from opaque films that provide maximum privacy and solar control to spectrally selective films that maintain an unobstructed view while rejecting tremendous amounts of heat, there is an ADS Window film for every potential application.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

With the goal of achieving the ultimate in energy efficiency, ADS Window Films Ltd supplies many window films utilizing specialty metals.

Available in a wide range of shades and light densities, these films are spectrally selective, that is, they allow considerable amounts of visible light to penetrate the film while excluding much of the sun's heat. Commercial building owners substantially reduce utility bills by simply applying solar control window films.

Most solar control films pay for themselves through the energy savings they create in approximately two year's time, and carry 10 year warranties. Levels of efficiency are so high that many utility companies offer incentives or rebate for the application of window film. Productivity in the workplace increases as glare is reduced and hot and cold spots are eliminated. In many cases privacy increases and the building's facade acquires a uniform, aesthetically pleasing look.

Our window films eliminate up to 99% of ultraviolet light, greatly reducing the fading of furniture, rugs, and other fabrics.

Our window films are the result of outstanding quality standards and technical initiative. ADS Window Films use the most optically clear polyester film available and superior pressure sensitive adhesives. These are continually researched and refined, producing a high-temperature, high-shear formulation that will not peel, bubble, or delaminate due to heat or age. A durable scratch resistant coating (SCR) protects the film surface against scratching caused by dirt, dust, and everyday wear and tear.

Our commercial window films are the most durable and attractive films available today. Each product is backed by an extensive manufacturer's warranty that guarantees the replacement of any window film that does not perform to product specifications.

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