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Introducing Mr Tint

ADS have rebranded the car tinting arm of the business

Click here to visit our new dedicated car tinting web site or call us on 01752 252583.

ADS Window Films purpose built dedicated tinting bay

Notice the clutter free environment, another reason Mr Tint are able to get such great results. All too often we see tint bays full of boxes and equipment, great places for dust to settle and interfere with the tinting process

Click here to visit our new dedicated car tinting web site or call us on 01752 252583.

ADS Window Films computer aided film cutting

Mr Tint can also offer computer aided film cutting to precise dimensions

Click here to visit our new dedicated car tinting web site or call us on 01752 252583.

ADS Window Films car tinting bay

Be assured with a meaningful warranty from a long established company

Click here to visit our new dedicated car tinting web site or call us on 01752 252583.

Introducing Mr Tint

Introducing Mr Tint, the dedicated car and vehicle tinting arm of ADS Window Films. The Mr Tint brand has been intoduced to establish a clear distinction between the car tinting side of the business and the 'flat glass' applications, we also carry out, in both the commercial and residential sectors. To help better serve our 8000+ happy customers, we have developed a dedicated car and vehicle tinting website, which can be found at This has been developed specifically with those interested in car and vehicle tinting in mind and provides a lot more detailed information concerning every aspect of car window tinting.

Car Window Tinting

The installation of Car Window Tints (Automotive Films - ie window film applied to car windows) is one of the best ways to improve the overall look and comfort levels of your vehicle. Some of the main benefits of car window tints are listed below:-

  • Improved Comfort
  • Blocking of Scorching Heat
  • Reduced Fading to Interior of Vehicle
  • Reduced Glare
  • Reduces UV radiation by almost 100%
  • Prevents glass shattering and reduces the risk of flying glass in an accident
  • Increased Security. It strengthens glass and can deter car crime
  • Improves visual security
  • Enhances in car video screens
  • Helps maintain market value of your car
  • Enhances colour of glass

Multiple benefits of car window tinting...

Car Window Tints will, as well as blocking out heat, obstruct an extremely high percentage of harmful UV rays whilst still allowing visible light through the car windows. This effect increases the comfort levels, whilst driving, for you and your passengers, as well as helping to prevent the interior upholstery from fading.

Safety and Security is also a major concern for any motorist, however, the installation of car window tints can help ease this worry. The car window films are bonded tightly to the glass helping to hold shattered car windows together when broken. This will protect you and others from flying glass during an accident or can help deter criminals from continuing to break into your car. Tinted windows can also help to conceal any possessions from would-be thieves.

Car window tints are available in a wide variety of colours and shades, all containing scratch resistant coatings and are covered by a factory warranty.

ADS Window Films will ensure a quality installation of your car window tints either on-site (if suitable fitting bay available) or at our own premises. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in making the best choice for your car.

The sun's ultraviolet rays and solar heat are responsible for over half the damage your car interior will suffer during its lifetime. The Solargard and True Grey film we use rejects almost 100% of the harmful UV rays plus a significant amount of solar energy. This all helps keep your car interior looking newer for longer and by the way helps it maintain a higher market value.

Greater Efficiency

The Solargard and True Grey tinting films we use reject up to 63% of the sun's heat energy, preventing your car from heating as quickly as it normally would. This means the car's air conditioner won't have to work as hard to maintain a cool temperature - thereby reducing fuel and AC servicing costs.

Increased Safety

The application of Armour Guard, Solargard or True Grey films provides extra protection from smashed glass. The films, applied on the inside of the car window act to hold any glass shards together, greatly reducing the likelihood of them from coming into contact with the driver or passengers.


A main benefit of car window tints is that the people on the outside can't see into the vehicle providing privacy to the passengers and driver. It can also deter car crime, as a potential thief will not be able to see into the vehicle as clearly.

Reduces Glare

A car tinted with window film offers the driver unexpected comfort as they will suffer less glare on sunny days and less dazzle at night from other vehicles headlights, reducing eye strain and fatigue. The reduced glare obtained by the application of Solargard and True Grey films also enhances the contrast of in-car video screens if they are fitted.

Scratch Resistant and Immune to Bubbling

The Solargard and True Grey films used are scratch resistant and do not fade, peel or bubble like other car window films. This will ensure that high quality finish will remain.


All of our work is fully guaranteed.

Contact ADS Window Films now on 01752 252583 to discuss your car window film tinting requirements

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