Example of printed window film

Create a modern commercial branding solution using your own designs with high definition colour graphics.

Example of printed window film

Apply the environmentally safe printed film to glass walls, windows or even to acrylic/polycarbonate advertising displays, in both internal or external situations.

Printed Window Film from ADS Window Films

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Printed Window Film is a modern commercial branding solution for your business, shopfront or home which provides a seemless, high definition colour graphic to flat glass areas.

Printed Window Film is a colour printed film applied to glass walls, windows or even to acrylic/polycarbonate advertising displays, in both internal or external situations. White is incorporated into the traditional CMYK colour printing process which helps gives the impression of direct glass printing but, most importantly, without the costs or longer term problems associated with this method.

The film is an environmentally friendly polymer product which is safe, non-toxic and easily recyclable, adding to your company's green credentials.

Printed Window Film works with clear PET window Film (Polyethylene terephthalate). The inks can be applied in one to three layers, meaning the graphics can be seen from both sides of the glazing whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to stream through. The film, itself, becomes undetectable when applied to glazing, allowing the image to appear as part of the glass itself.

Just like other types of window film, the Printed Window Film has many other benefits as well as its primary property. These include such safety benefits as UV and solar protection, fire safety and blast protection. The films can provide 99% UV reduction and 16% solar reduction. Therefore, as well as the visual impact of the Printed Window Film, the film delivers an impressive performance thus creating a better working environment for you and your staff. The building is kept cooler and more comfortable with the added benefit of protection of internal decor.

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The versatility of the Printed Window Film means it is ideal to use in a variety of locations, such as:-

  • Office/Retail Entrance Areas
  • Retails Displays
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Passenger Transport Glazing
  • Glass Splashbacks
  • Mirrors

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